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Translate & Transform Your Business into a Celebrated Story

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We can support you in a customized turnaround program (to restructure, stabilize, add value and/or prepare for growth or exit) to get your business on the right track to not only strive to become a better performing company, but to thrive and become a high performance company.

High Performance businesses have a greater level of profit and create more value for all shareholders. They are also less stressful to manage, leverage and grow.

The first step is to be aware of where you are at. Check how you and your business score on transferability. Let’s take the business quiz to find out!

This questionnaire will take less than 7 minutes to run and determine whether you have the basic “high performance” strategic and operational framework in place to be successful (again) in the future..

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Managing Director & Certified Exit Planning Advisor

7 Figure Entrepreneur with multiple businesses and three decades of international business experience. MBA, CEPA, CPBA.

Karin is the founder of Julphi Pty Ltd, with the focus on value acceleration and business exit planning.

It’s Karin’s mission to have every business owner PLAN for their business exit WELL IN TIME to accelerate value in the business for a succesful transition and to live a fulfilled life after the exit, because every business owner deserves to enjoy their next phase in life!

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